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It's my life.....

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I am about to turn 5 0 !! I feel like I am 35... I enjoy crafting and doing puzzles and anything home related... I love my husband and my son. I have two cats who are wonderful even though they destroy my furniture. I have to control myself when it comes to thrift shopping. I have a million things in the works and I tend to get way less then what I want to.. done.

I like to have little vacations, I love to cook, I hate greed and the inability of people to see what is really going on. I try to be positive and I do have a lot to be positive about... sometimes I just can't help but to get a bit negative. You are forewarned and I apologize in advance for that..
My back makes noise when I bend over. My eyes are bigger than my head. I have a fear of heights but I love rollercoasters. I wish exercising was an "interest".

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